Life Among Lions

Occasionally they'll be an experience that causes you to see yourself with new eyes. Observe yourself through a new lens. This was my experience while traveling in Cape Town, South Africa with a group of new and old friends. My old mindset doesn't seem to fit anymore as I've grown spiritually from my first trip to Africa, the birthplace of my ancestors. The group and I were able to tour Langa Township, hike Table Mountain, view the Cape Town coast and cityscape from a helicopter and visit several vineyards. Most importantly though, we were able to connect with the people of South Africa in a spiritual fulfilling way, noticing similarities between native South Africans and Black Americans that can only be accounted for based on our shared heritage.  

To go back to the homeland of your ancestors is a privilege and I'm grateful I was able to embark on this journey with kindred spirits. We made countless memories during my time in Cape Town and some were captured in the photographs below. All photos were taken by the amazingly talented Ugandan photographer Kibuuka.

Antwan JonesComment